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In 2020, amid chaos, uncertainty and what seemed to be an endless loop of grief, hopelessness and anxiety, Dandelion Beauty Co. was born. 

Despite everything that happened, or maybe because of it, 2020 was deeply transformative. It forced me to look inside and search for a meaning that I knew was buried somewhere, but didn't know where. Hence began the online search “what should I do with my life” kind of thing. I looked into different careers, maybe going back to school, maybe beginning from scratch - again - but it all seemed a bit disconnected and purposeless. 

That was about to change when my sister-in-law - to whom I will be forever grateful - introduced me to a natural soap course she came across online. I remember thinking “YES! That could be it!” - and I was right… That was IT! 

Why Dandelion?

Dandelion seemed a suitable name for the moment we were living and the moment the company was created. 

A flower that many consider a weed, dandelions thrive under unexpected and less-than-ideal circumstances, and still, their bright yellow colour brings life to even a cracked sidewalk. I find it truly amazing whenever I see a blossoming flower peaking through a concrete wall, the ruins of a building or the pavement. Nature really is a wonder.  

Dandelions are persistent, sometimes stubborn, and determined. They grow into a beautiful yellow flower just for the wind to blow their seeds away - and then, they start again. There’s something poetic about them... they must be destroyed in order to survive. If they remained that beautiful bright flower forever, they would soon wilt and die. But because they have the courage to let go, they can fly away and be reborn, a thousand times. I often reflect about this.

Persistence and hope: two of the things I learned in 2020.

- Mariana Smith, Founder